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Manifolds and Valves

Manifolds & Valving

Combine isolating and venting in a single valve.

Manifold Valves

Combine isolating and venting in a single valve

You can eliminate the need for tubing and fittings with a block and bleed manifold. Block valves isolate the downstream process fluids and the bleed valve exhausts upstream fluids enabling static pressure transmitters, switches, or gauges to be removed without disturbing the permanent piping installation. This is especially important for combustible gas applications. Years of research and design have been used to manufacture the instrumentation products we provide. They are constructed to be virtually maintenance free and are available in a number of configurations.

NOSHOK Manifold Valves

2-Valve Static Pressure & Liquid Level Manifolds in electroless nickel plated steel and electro polished 316 stainless steel stems. All NOSHOK Valve Products conform to MSS SP-99 Instrument Valves Standards, and valves supplied with packing also conform to MSS SP-132 Compression Packing Systems for Instrument Valves Standard. Their compact design requires minimum space for operation and installation. Lower weight increases strength at the process connection.


  • Block & Bleed Hard & Soft Seat
  • Narrow Block & Bleed
  • Mini Block & Bleed .141” Orifice
  • Mini Block & Bleed .156” Orifice
  • Liquid Level

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