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Temperature Indication

Temperature Indication

Accurate and effective technology, durable in all types of environments.

Industrial Temperature Transmitters

High performance industrial temperature transmitters

In controlled applications, loss of temperature can be detrimental. You not only need temperature transmitting technology that is accurate and effective, but durable and have the ability to be exposed to all types of environments. NOSHOK temperature transmitters provide an incredible amount of performance that won’t break the bank. Using the proven reliability and stability of 100 ohm platinum resistance technology, this transmitter offers a broad range of options for the OEM and user alike. A thorough and rigorous testing and inspection process is performed on all industrial temperature transmitters before they are shipped out to customers to ensure reliability.

Notable features and benefits

  • Proven platinum 100 ohm sensor
  • Maximum reliability
  • Wide variety of temperature ranges and connections
  • CE compliant
  • Quick response times
  • Optional USB programmable output
  • 316 stainless steel housing
  • Standard temperature ranges from -40⁰F to 1,000⁰F
  • Burnout protection from 3.3 mA to 23 mA
  • Optional thermowells available in 316Ss, 304, SS, and brass

Common applications

  • Water systems
  • Storage tanks
  • Industrial machinery and machine tools
  • HVAC systems
  • Refrigeration systems

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