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Patented controls for safety, operational efficiency, and energy-savings.

Optimizing Controls & accessories

Customize your vacuum system using Piab patented controls that enhance safety, operational efficiency, and energy-savings.

Optimizing controls & accessories include:

  • Vacuum switches (pneumatic, electro-mechanical, or solid state)
    • Connects several units
    • LED-displays
    • Analog or digital signal outputs
    • Clear signals at desired vacuum levels
    • Available in PNP NO or NPN NP models
  • Valves (solenoid, electrically or vacuum-controlled)
    • Blow-off check
    • Atmospheric quick release
    • Vacuum check
    • Control units
  • Regulators (Pneumatic or mechanical)
    • Optimizes feed pressure to vacuum pumps or smaller vacuum systems.
    • Pilot operated or remote controlled
    • Separates particles and condensation from the compressed air
    • Reduces the risk of operation breakdown or stoppage
  • Automatic Energy Saving (Pneumatic or electrical)
    • Air-saving devices for vacuum pumps
    • Manometer for feed pressure control
    • Adjustable blow pressure control
  • Piab Cruise Control
    • Programmable for constant vacuum level
    • Integrated analog vacuum sensor
  • Automatic Vacuum Management
    • Built-in control and monitoring functions
    • Integrated energy saving function (ES)
    • Mechanical valve for blow-off flow adjustment
  • Vacuum filters
    • Reduce risk of operation downtime
    • Replacement filter elements
    • Inline elements

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Established in 1951, Piab designs innovative vacuum solutions that improve the energy-efficiency, productivity, and working environments of vacuum users around the world.

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