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Combined Pump and Gripper

Combined Pump & Gripper

Integrated unit for space and weight reduction

Combined Pump & Gripper – VGS™ (Vacuum Gripper System)

By integrating high quality suction cups in varying sizes with COAX® vacuum cartridges, you can design a vacuum system that is cost-effective, efficient, flexible and customized for each individual need.

The decentralized approach provides product safety with one vacuum source per suction point and it also eliminates flow losses in long vacuum hoses, making maximum use of energy. Additionally, product zoning, energy savings, blow-off and level compensation are all additional functions that can be incorporated into the vacuum gripper system design.

  • A decentralized setup
  • Product handling safety
  • High performance and low feed pressure
  • Deep vacuum
  • Good friction to withstand high sheer forces at rapid acceleration
  • High initial vacuum flow
  • Quick-release valve
  • Shock absorption
  • Fine tuning and positioning
  • Variable mounting options
  • Prevent disfiguration of thin objects
  • Simple maintenance

Some typical applications include:

  • Corrugated board and bag handing
  • Metal stamping and press transfer
  • Glass/solar panel handling
  • Woodworking and wood handling
  • Vacuum packaging or lamination/bagging
  • Paper sheet feeding
  • Rapid robotic sorting
  • Automated palletizing

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