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Cartridge Integration

Cartridge Integration

Vacuum generator integration into any application

Piab COAX® technology

COAX® cartridges exist in several sizes (MICRO, MINI & MIDI) and models (Bi, Pi, Si, Ti & Xi), making them suitable for every application. The technology ensures excellent performance at both low and high feed pressures. Pumps based on COAX® technology can operate within the feed pressure range of 25 to 87 psi.


Probably the world's smallest multistage vacuum ejector. Its low weight makes it suitable to integrate close to the suction point in high speed pick-and-place applications of small objects. Some variations include a dirt tolerant design for dusty environments and ozone resistant flap valves, which is ideal for electronic and semiconductor applications.


Offers large vacuum flow in relation to energy consumption, increased pick-up speed, and reliability in the case of fluctuating or low feed pressure, deep vacuum levels, and handling sealed or porous objects. Some variations include a flow-through silencer and filter for harsh environments.


With high initial vacuum flow, Midi is the best choice for fast evacuation of large volumes and blow-air tasks. Available in several models, MIDI cartridges specialize in fluctuating or low pressure, leaking and non-leaking applications, porous or sealed objects, and deep vacuum levels.

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Established in 1951, Piab designs innovative vacuum solutions that improve the energy-efficiency, productivity, and working environments of vacuum users around the world.

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