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Solenoid Directional Control Valves

Directional Control Valves

Precise repeatability and high speed for increased machine performance

Solenoid Directional Control Valves

In pneumatic applications, solenoid directional control valves start, stop, direct, or change the direction of compressed airflow. From individual inline valves to manifold stacks to economical circuit bars, MAC valve's quality and technology is unsurpassed. MAC offers available in a variety of flow ratings, configurations, sizes including two, three, and four-way direct acting, pilot-operated, remote, mechanical valves, and proportional pressure controllers.

Advantages of  MAC Valves:

  • Direct acting valve models can handle vacuum pressures to 120 psi and can be operated as a normally open, normally closed, two or three way, selector or diverter allowing the valve to be used in a variety of applications and reducing the need to stock multiple valves
  • The Balanced design produces precise repeatability regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations - giving consistent machine performance regardless of plant environment.
  • MAC's rubber bonded spool with smooth finish bore creates wiping action remove contamination from the bore during every valve cycle. This also contributes to very low friction in the bore of the valve.
  • MAC's patented oval amature creates higher shifting forces over competitive valves of the same size through more core metal and windings.
  • Low friction and high shifting forces result in a very fast, highly repeatable air valve that can handle contamination. Evidence of this is in the recommended use of 40 micron filtration as opposed to expensive 5 micron filtration recommended for most competitive valves.

Want Proof?

Adams Air & Hydraulics can directly compare any MAC valve to your current valve in real time using our “Portable Pneumatic Lab" and "Animation” software. Your engineering department can view real time oscilloscope readings and will receive printed empirical data comparing MAC valves to any other valve’s performance.

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MAC Valves, Inc. is a global manufacturing leader in pneumatic and fluid valves, proportional valves, flow control and regulator technology.

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