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Pneumatic Grippers


Long service life, precision jaws, ease of integration


Pneumatic and electric grippers for industrial automation

Our selection of grippers is setting the benchmark in the industry with long service life, precision jaws, ease of integration with your existing machines. Available in varying sizes, they can be cycled at many different pressures and can be custom designed to fit your needs. Extra manifold ports, optional mounting locations, and port positions provide ease of application and flexibility. If you have space constraints, we carry grippers that fit well into small areas.

Micro, Miniature, Low Profile, & Heavy Duty Grippers

With varying grip forces, jaw configurations, and tooling lengths, you can find a precision gripper to meet any application. From picking and placing the smallest electrical component to moving engines weighing 1,600 pounds, we carry the gripper design that you require. Many of our models have the highest grip to weight ratio in their class and are available in:

  • Angular
  • Parallel
  • 2-Jaw
  • 3-Jaw

They possess simple interfacing with electronic controls and some contain internal jaw seals to prevent contamination if working in harsh environments. Whether you require end of arm tooling for robotic automation systems, industrial assembly, or precision pick and place, we can find the right gripper for your application. Common industries we serve are automotive, appliance, packaging, medical, food and beverage, electronics, aerospace, and more.

Gripper options

Some of our models contain or have options to contain the following components:

  • Hard coated aluminum body
  • MRO interchangeable components
  • Spring assist for loss of air pressure
  • Wear-compensating jaw guidance
  • Pre-programmed controllers
  • Steel synchronizer
  • Enclosed self lubricating cam driver
  • Bronze bearings