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Pneumatic Connectors


Connections for every application

Pneumatic Connectors

Fittings provide the link between components in pneumatic systems. The wide range of pneumatic fittings offered by our manufacturers accommodates any number of tubing requirements and connectors.

Pneumatic fittings are available in standard or custom designs for all pneumatic applications. They are measured in inches from 10-32 to 3/4in. and metric from 3 to 16mm. Available in a variety of sizes, configurations and material construction from lectroless nickel plated and stainless for corrosion resistance to Liquifit for fluid transportation. Barb, threaded & push-to-connect styles available:

Barb Type

Barbed fittings feature Coupling, Cross, Elbow and Tee configurations and are available for use with polyurethane tubing.


Offering fast assembly with no special tools.

Nickel Plated

All metal fittings are 100% electroless nickel-plated brass. Full ID tube flow is always maintained for maximum Cv ratings and quick cycle times. “Push-in” and lock the tube quickly and effortlessly.


Designed for use with corrosive fluids or in aggressive environments, such as chemical manufacturing or food and beverage processing.


This complete range of products is dedicated to the transportation of fluids such as water, fruit juice and beverages.

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The Camozzi FRL family features modern aesthetics in a compact package with high flow and reliable performance.

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Legris Connectic Low Pressure, technical components for industrial fluids, from an industrial vacuum to up to 230 bar, the LEGRIS CONNECTIC LOW PRESSURE range offers innovating and reliable products for air, water, oil, chemical circuits and food applications: fittings, valves, tubes, piping’s, ball valves, couplers, blow-guns.

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Pneumadyne fittings provide the essential link between components in any pneumatic system. A wide variety of sizes, styles and configurations are available to link the pneumatic components in your application.

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Polyconn offers a wide variety of styles, sizes and configurations of fittings for numerous applications. Choose from brass or plastic Barbs, Compression, Push-In and Pipe fittings.

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