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tie Rod Cylinders

Tie-Rod Cylinders

Industry leading design and performance with NFPA interchange

Tie-Rod Cylinders

Advance Automation

Advance Automation Company began in 1960 with one man's vision to provide the marketplace with a superior air cylinder that incorporated the "advance design" concept.

The "advance design" concept utilizes:

  • High grade extruded aluminum caps and heads
  • Cast bronze bushing for high tensile strength
  • Nylon piston bearing strip for better wear and stability
  • Unique cushion design


Milwaukee Cylinder is a long established and recognized supplier of highly engineered cylinder solutions and is a manufacturer of a standard range of steel and aluminum NFPA tie-rod cylinders for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications. We engineer many unique "specials" for very demanding applications over a wide range of Markets and Industry Segments. Milwaukee Cylinder also manufactures a range of Industrial Manipulators for material handling applications.

Series "A" Pneumatic Steel Cylinders

Built to perform on the toughest applications. Incorporating a variety of MILWAUKEE "Exclusive" advanced features, proven through the years, these cylinders will provide a long, maintenance-free service life. Advanced engineering combined with quality materials and expert workmanship contributes to the making of a rugged, top quality pneumatic cylinder.


Combining twenty-seven years of precision machining and engnieering with an unmatched selection of options and modifications to deliever the highest quality customizable NFPA cylinders on the market. Please see below for a few of the many designs available from TRD

TA Series

TRD’s standard cylinder offers a high quality, heavy duty construction in an NFPA tie rod style interchangeable design. These actuators are recognized for their durability and long-lasting performance.

TRA Series

TRD’s TRA “Triple Rod” cylinders use three piston rods to increase stability and strength and also feature a non-rotating design.

MS Series

TRD’s multi-stage cylinders are able to achieve greater forces in extending, retracting, or both directions by multiplying the output force with additional pistons. Multi-stage cylinders can provide the same output force as larger bore, single stage cylinders while being lower cost.

SS Series

TRD’s Stainless Steel cylinders are precision machined from 303/304 stainless steel to provide excellent performance even in harsh environments. Common applications include food processing, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, and other corrosive environments.

PFLF Series

TRD’s Position Feedback Low Friction cylinders are ideal for applications where the cylinder can touch down on a part and provide position feedback, thus gauge a part. They can also be used in conjunction with a PCS (Position Control System) for closed-loop positioning.

TC Series

TRD’s telescoping cylinders utilize a two-stage telescoping design which remains 100% double acting while providing incredible space savings. A telescoping cylinder with 12” stroke would require 35% less space than an equivalent bore NFPA cylinder.

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Advance Automation

Providing the best air cylinder available to solve its customers' fluid power problems.

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A leader and innovator in the hydraulic and pneumatic actuation field since 1956

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TRD Manufacturing combines twenty-seven years of precision machining and engineering with an unmatched selection of options and modifications.

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