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ISO-VDMA Cylinders

ISO/VDMA Cylinders

Easily interchangeable throughout the world.

ISO/VDMA Cylinders


Conforming to ISO 6431/6432 Standard Specifications, Bimba’s ISO Cylinders are designed to be easily interchangeable throughout the world. Bimba meets your needs.

  • Reliable service from a world-wide leader producing millions of actuators each year
  • Pre-lubricated for longer, maintenance free operation
  • Shock absorbing bumpers
  • Roll formed threads
  • High strength pistons permanently riveted and sealed
  • Roller burnished stainless steel rods
  • Advanced bearing and seal materials for higher speed applications
  • Double rolled construction
  • Permanent mechanical retention; needles cannot blow out under pressure
  • Space savings available resulting from smaller external dimensions
  • Heads available in Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Delrin®
  • Rapid design and delivery time for custom modifications

Types of Bimba ISO/VDMA Cylinders:

  • ISO 6431 VDMA 24562 Air Cylinders
  • ISO 6432/CETOP Cylinders
  • PCE Air Cylinders


New Generation Series CV Cylinder design enhancements:

  • A wide range of mounting accessories provides ease of design into any application.
  • Both standard and corrosion resistant piston rods have hard chrome plating for maximum life and durability.
  • The versatile design allows flexibility for custom modifications to meet your needs.
  • Internal shock pads are standard on all sizes, eliminating metal to metal contact.
  • Cylinders including port and cushion controls are easily field repairable maximizing your investment.
  • Drop-in replacement of previous design
  • An imperial design is available in addition to standard metric units.
  • PTFE wear ring (CVA, CVB) provides piston support and enhances durability.
  • Piston seal is supported for higher speed applications.
  • Stroke lengths on metric units are available in 1 mm increments.

Types of PHD ISO/VDMA Cylinders:

  • Series CV

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