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Compact Cylinders

Compact Cylinders

Actuators for reduced space applications without sacrificing performance

Compact Cylinders


If your application is tight on space, a Bimba Flat Line round, square, non-rotating, dual-power or three position cylinder is the answer. These compact and repairable cylinders offer unequaled design, versatility and relaible performance. The benefits of Bimba Flat Line Cylinders include:

  • 304 stainless steel body that prevents corrosion and provides a smooth interior finish that prevents scoring from air supply contaminants resulting in longer piston seal life.
  • Standard oil impregnated bronze rod bushing
  • Stainless piston rod
  • Precision machined anodized aluminum heads
  • Wide selection of bore sizes and stroke lengths
  • Many mounting and application specific options that allow you to easily customize a Bimba Flat Line Cylinder to meet your needs.

Types of Bimba Compact Cylinders:

  • Flat-I Cylinder
  • Square Flat-I Cylinder
  • Flat-II Cylinder
  • Square Flat-II
  • FO2, FO3, FO4
  • FOP
  • Flat Accessories
  • EF1 Cylinders
  • EF2 Cylinders
  • EFP MultiPosition Cylinder
  • EFQ MultiForce Cylinder
  • Stopper Cylinders
  • Twist Clamp Cylinders
  • Extruded Flat Lift Table (Model EFF)
  • Twin Bore Cylinders (TB, TBD, and TBA Series)
  • Narrow Profile Air Table Actuators (NPA Series)
  • Low-Profile Air Table Actuators (LPA Series)
  • Diaphragm Cylinders (Part No. CSS-00119-A)
  • Miniature "Cube" Cylinders (Part No. CFS-01011-A)

PHD Compact Sized

The compact size of the Series CRS and CTS Cylinders make it ideal for applications where cylinder length is critical.

  • Units are available in eight bore sizes with standard stroke lengths ranging from 0.25 inch to 7 inches. Consult PHD for longer stroke lengths.
  • Thru and threaded holes for easy cylinder mounting.
  • Clear anodized extruded body enables flush mounting of Series 6790 Switches on up to three sides of the cylinder.
  • Self-lubricating nitrile piston seal increases cylinder performance and provides a unit life rating of 70 million linear inches of travel.
  • Hard chrome-plated steel piston rod and aluminum bushings with PTFE filled hardcoat provide maximum wear resistance for long life.
  • Available with two piston lengths. The standard piston provides the shortest possible unit. The wide piston provides additional rod end stability and magnet capability for use with PHD Series 6790 Miniature Reed Switches.
  • Optional shock pads extend cylinder life and minimize piston noise in applications where the piston contacts the head and/or cap. The shock pad design adds no additional length to the cylinder
  • Optional Fluoro-Elastomer seals are available for greater fluid compatibility. Consult PHD for high temperature use.
  • Optional accessories provide additional mounting flexibility.
  • Field repairable for extended life

Types of PHD Compact Cylinders:

  • Series CRS Compact Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Series CTS Compact Guide Rod Pneumatic Cylinder

PHD Tom Thumb© Medium Duty Cylinders

Available in a wide range of mounting styles and options. All units are of tierod construction and repairable. Available in single or double-acting.

  • Designed to provide long life in many rugged applications.
  • Working pressure ranges up to 150 psi air for Series AV and up to 1500 psi hydraulic for Series HV.
  • Can be specified with built-in flow controls, cushions, shock pads, stroke adjustment, magnetic piston for hall effect or reed switches, and many other time saving options.
  • Wide range of options and sizes makes it fast and easy to select a cylinder to fit your application.
  • Tierod construction of Tom Thumb® cylinders makes them easy to repair in the field for extended life.
  • Quality construction assures long life and cost savings over the lifetime of the unit.

Types of PHD Tom Thumb© Medium Duty Cylinders:

  • NFPA Series A, AV, HV Tierod Hydraulic or Air Cylinder
  • Series TD Air/Oil Tandem Tierod Cylinder
  • NFPA Series A, AV, HV Back to Back Tierod Hydraulic/Air Cylinder
  • NFPA Series NPG, NHG Non-Rotating Air and Hydraulic Tierod Cylinder

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