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Air Bags

Designed to isolate vibration, absorb energy and reduce shock.

Air Bags, Air Springs & Shock Absorbers

Air Bags (sometimes referred to as “air springs” or “air shock absorbers”) provide an efficient and flexible means to absorb energy, isolate vibration, and reduce shock. Originally developed as vibration isolators for vehicle suspensions, air bags are now widely used in the industrial, marine, aerospace, defense, and rail markets as well as in other specialized industries such as amusement parks.

Available in a wide variety of configurations and sizes including: single, double, and triple convolute bellows; rolling lobe; and sleeve types among others, they are a preferred option for reducing damage, wear, and misalignment caused by vibration and repeated shock impact. Air bags can also eliminate vibrations under varying loads while simultaneously regulating load height.

Some typical applications include:

  • Buffers and emergency stops
  • Isolation of engine vibration (vehicle, marine, industrial)
  • Manufacturing equipment (e.g. injection or ejection of parts)
  • Clutch and brake systems
  • Conveyor or transfer systems
  • Presses
  • Vertical lift force for platforms and rotating tables
  • Palletizers and labeling applicators.

Air Bags are can be used virtually anywhere there is a need to isolate vibration, reduce the impact of shock, or replace an air cylinder that is failing due to poor alignment.

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