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Motor Mounts

Pump/Motor Mounts & Couplings

The critical connection between your pump and motor

Pump/Motor Mounts & Couplings

For over 30 years Magnaloy has produced some of the finest quality mounts and flexible drive couplings in the industry. They machine all their own mounts with great precision in four configurations: Horizontal Aluminum Alloy, Vertical Aluminum Alloy, Horizontal Welded Steel, and Vertical Welded Steel. Special configurations for metric sizing is available.

Horizontal/Vertical Pump and Motor Mounts

Cast Aluminum Alloy and Welded Steel Mounts – Flange mounting is the easiest to install, as it eliminates the need for a coupling guard, foot brackets, shims, risers and mounting plates. Every mount they manufacture is guaranteed to be within .003 inch concentric from the motor pilot to the pump pilot. This precision reduces noise and friction.

  • Horizontal mounts for NEMA C’Face motors are available in sizes 56C through 449TSC – 2 bolt and 4 bolt flanges.
  • Vertical mounts for NEMA C’Face motors are available in sizes 56C through 256TC – 2 bolt and 4 bolt flanges
  • Mounting kit included to attach pump and motor to the mount, but not for attaching mount to the reservoir.

Flexible Drive Couplings

Heavy-duty, yet lightweight magnesium construction makes them 76% lighter than cast iron and 36% lighter than aluminum. This results in reduced loads on shafts, pumps, and bearings and extends the life of components. They are also heat treated, corrosion resistant and rust proof with close matching tolerances to assure vibration-free operation and easy alignment. A wide range of inserts eliminates metal-on-metal contact. Type of couplings include:

  • Splined Bore Coupling
  • Clamp-Type Coupling
  • Steel Bushed Splined Bore Coupling
  • Powdered Metal PM90 Coupling

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Magnaloy offers the most complete line of pump/motor mounts in the industry.

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