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Private Labeling

Private Labeling

Make your product proprietary to you

Private Labeling

Some companies prefer to have their own part number on the products that they purchase. It helps with inventory organization if you’re changing vendors, have a lot of components that look alike, or wish to make machine parts proprietary to your equipment. An added benefit is that you will not need to continually update or modify your current monitoring and stocking systems.

For OEM customers, private labeling will lead to an increase is your spare parts business and give you more opportunity to interact with your clients. Increased communication with customers means more business for your company.

Advantages to an OEM customer

  • Increase in spare parts business
  • More opportunity to interact and give great service to your end customer as inquiries for spare parts will increase
  • Making components on your machine propietary to your machine

Advantages to end user customer:

  • Having your internal part number on component for easy stocking
  • Easy identification as some components look similar

As each product line we represent has variations on their private labeling, please contact us for questions regarding the services we can provide.