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Fluid Purification Rental Program

Rental Program

Reliable equipment to reduce your downtime and increase productivity

Fluid Purification Rental Program

Hydraulic Filter Cart

AAH -FC-1 Filter Cart

Adams Hydraulic Filter Cart is completely portable for flexibility of applications:

  • Transfer oil from drum to machine
  • Transfer oil from machine to drum
  • Low Pressure flushing unit
  • Continuous filter cart

Hy-Pro Vac-U-Dry V10 Vacuum Dehydration Skids

  • Remove free & dissolved water down to 20 PPM (0.002%)
  • Remove free & dissolved gasses
  • Standard flow range 5~100gpm, 18~378 Ipm (Larger units available)
  • Visually monitor fluid and process through clear chamber covers
  • High water removal efficiency
  • Enhance with additional fluid conditioning technologies such as coalesce, acid scavenging, and varnish removal

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