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Extrusion Services

Extrusion Services

From concept to delivery

Extrusion Services


Adams Air provides customized aluminum frame extrusion design and assembly. We can work with your engineering team to take your concept from sketch to a complete BOM with drawings. This BOM can then be shipped pre-cut and packaged as a kit to your facility for assembly.


Adams also has the ability to assemble in-house and deliver a completed product to your facility ready to go into your machine.

Some typical applications for our frame extrusion services are:

Custom Frame Systems:

  • Protective frame to guard machinery
  • Custom design for automated factory setups
  • Conveyor systems for all spaces
  • Modular fluid and vacuum systems design
  • Isolation and clean room structures with lexan windows
  • Racks for industrial use
  • Architectural component storage and organization
  • Fixtures for tool rooms and tool safeguarding
  • Components for linear slide systems
  • Office furniture, panels, and fixtures
  • Custom setups for exhibition and display use
  • Fixtures for retail stores