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Blanket Orders

Blanket Orders

For reoccuring orders

Blanket Orders

If there is a component or assembly that you frequently order, we can save you time and money by having it automatically shipped to you on a repeating timetable of your choice. By switching to this kind of ordering structure, you will have the added benefit of bulk item costs that will remain consistent as long as the blanket order is in place, regardless of manufacturer price increases. This program also ensures that your company will never run short on materials and eliminates the need to generate purchase orders on a repeated basis.

A few profit increasing advantages of blanket orders would be:

  • Reduction in ordering costs
  • Volume pricing
  • Reduced inventory costs with just in time delivery
  • Pricing held throughout entirity of blanket regardless of changes with manufacturer costing
  • Elimination of material shortages

Adams Air can assist you by analyzing your order history and purchasing patterns to determine how your company would most benefit by blanket ordering. We look at products you need daily, weekly, monthly or more and plan accordingly. Typically, to get bulk pricing, you actually need to buy large quantities of items which take up valuable inventory space. Instead, your volume priced purchase is delivered when you need it and not crowding your storage areas.

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