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Complete line of hydraulic manifolds and manifold accessories.


We offer Magnaloy’s complete line of precision machined Hydraulic Manifolds and Manifold Accessories in Aluminum or Steel, de-burred, meticulously cleaned, and packaged individually to protect from harm during shipping. Magnaloy's custom design capabilities are what have made them a preferred provider to Adam’s Air. Models are available in varying NFPA patterns, such as D03, D05, and D08 in NPTF Pipe, SAE O-Ring, BSPP British Parallel, BSPT British Taper and Metric thread standards.

Standard Manifolds:

  • Inline bar manifolds
    For mounting a single or several NFPA valves to single pressure and tank return ports with access points on each end and A & B port access for each valve on the face.
  • Sub plates
    Provides top mounting of a specified NFPA valve, A & B ports on one face and pressure and tank ports on the opposite face. Options include bottom pressure and tank ports, relief valve cavities, perimeter porting with a port on each face, down side porting with all ports on the bottom surface, and metric threading for valve mounting.
  • Cover plates
    Available in two designs: The Parallel Blank-Off seals and isolates all ports of the NFPA pattern. The Series Blank-Off connects the pressure and tank ports and seals and isolates to all other ports of the NFPA pattern. Optional: Gauge ports to monitor pressure and tank signals.
  • Valve adapters
    Available in several combinations, they are used when it is necessary to adapt a NFPA valve pattern to a smaller NFPA valve pattern.
  • Manifold accessories
    Orifice Plates and Tapping Plates. Port configurations include No Ports, Perimeter Ports with a port on each of the 4 sides, pressure & tank ports on opposite sides, or A & B ports on opposite sides.
  • Header manifolds
    Provides multiple side port outlets with a common end port inlet. They are available in 0 degree, 180 degree, or 270 degree port angle configurations.
  • Junction manifolds
    Provides multiple isolated inlet and outlet ports to accommodate varying port thread sizes and/or port orientations. They are available in 90 degree, 180 degree, or 270 degree port angle configurations.

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Magnaloy offers a complete line of hydraulic manifolds and manifold accessories.

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Daman Products is primarily engaged in the design and manufacture of hydraulic valve manifolds and related products.

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