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Custom Hydraulic Power Units

Custom Hydraulic Power Units

Units designed and built to your exact specifications

Custom Hydraulic Power Units

Are you currently sourcing pre-built hydraulic power units from a catalog and making them work in your application? Custom hydraulic power units are typically less expensive than prebuilt units as they only include what you need for your application. This leads to a better performing machine, less investment, and more profit for your bottom line. Below are few of the many power units we have done over the years. Please Contact Us (Sales Contact) for your next hydraulic power unit.

Standard Hydraulic Power Unit built to customer specifications with:

  • Pump motor assembly (piston/vane/gear)
  • Check Valve
  • Relief Valve
  • Direction control valve
  • Accumulator circuit
  • Return line filter
  • Heat Exchanger

Here are some variations:

Gas Engine Powered Hydraulic power unit with manual valve

Standard Hydraulic power unit with motor starter control panel included

Standard hydraulic power unit with manual or solenoid operation

Custom hydraulic power unit built for use with skydrol(registered) fluid for aerospace test stand

High pressure high flow redundant hydraulic power unit

Small compact self-contained hydraulic power pack