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Voice Coil Actuators

Moving Coil Actuators

High performance actuators with sub-micron accuracy and repeatability

Voice Coil Actuators

We source the finest coil actuators in the industry. They are widely used in automotive, SMT, high speed scanning, glass cutting, robotics, laser cutting, dispensing, switch testing, spot welding, soldering, pharmaceutical, medical assembly, and measuring applications to name a few.

The various voice coil actuators models we currently offer are:

  • Electric Cylinder Actuators
  • Linear Actuators
  • Linear/Rotary Actuators
  • Linear Slide Actuators
  • Gripper Actuators
  • XY Stage Actuators
  • Multi-Axis Actuators
  • Controllers and Amplifiers

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Manufactures precision programmable electric actuators based on moving coil technology.

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