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Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors

Low Cost, High Torque at Low speeds

Stepper Motors

KollMorgen Stepper Motors for Motion Control

One of the more common motors used in motion control applications is the stepper motor. They have the advantage of being able to be very accurately controlled for the most precise positioning applications, down a fraction of a degree without the need of any feedback devices. They operate in open-loop without the need for tuning parameters, such as with closed-loop servo systems. Typical applications include semiconductor manufacturing equipment, chip mounting, surveillance cameras, belt conveyor equipment, general industrial machinery, and other devices. The integrated design of the driver and motor allows installation in more compact spaces and less wiring. Additionally, you can match the operation mode to the application via a selection function.

Features of KollMorgen Stepper Motors Models

  • Varying frame sizes in NEMA 17, 23, 34, 42, 66
  • Half, single, and two-stack configurations
  • Innovative cooling technology
  • Hazardous location/duty
  • High torque
  • Cost effective
  • High performance
  • High voltage insulation systems
  • Brushless
  • Maintenance-free
  • 2-phase
  • Exact 1.8⁰ movements can be broken into microstepping smaller increments

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With application knowledge and rapid customization and prototyping, Kollmorgen outperforms others in helping you build differentiated equipment and get it to market faster. Our solutions combine programming software, engineering services and best-in-class motion components for a superior, single-source solution.

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