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Rodless Actuators

Rodless Actuators

Electrical actuators for positioning applications

Rodless Actuators

These rodless actuators are built for affordability, precision positioning, high speed, and peak thrust for both heavy and light payloads. Models are available in extruded aluminum or stainless steel bodies.

Online configuration options allow you to tailor your own design to specify:

  • Frame Size
    • 9 or 17
  • Positioning Accuracy
    • Coarse - Less than 0.100” midstroke position control
    • Fine - Better than 0.010” midstroke position control
  • Screw Type
    • Ball or Lead
  • Motor Option
    • DC Motor, Step Motor, or No Motor
  • Stroke Length
    • 6”-72” in 0.25” increments
  • Stroke Adjustment
    • Both ends, one end, or none
  • Bumpers
    • Both ends, one end, or none
  • Switch Track
    • Track for HC, HK, MRS-.087 Switches
    • Track for MR, MS, MSC, MSK Switches
  • Screw Wiper
    • With or Without Screw Wiper

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