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Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors

Detection of nearly limitless targets in a variety of package sizes

Photoelectric Sensors

Regardless of what material you’re trying to detect, photoelectric sensors are the best solution for non-contact applications. They identify an object’s presence using visible red or infra-red emissions that are invisible to the naked eye. Once the target has broken the light beam, the reflection goes back to the device and activates the sensor output. Compared to inductive proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors have a longerstandoff distance, can detect a wider range of objects, seamlessly differentiate between colors and surfaces, and has several sensing modes such as:

  • Diffuse
  • Thru-beam
  • Retro-reflective
  • Reflex
  • Liquid monitoring

Standard Sensors

  • Housing sizes range from M3 – M18W
  • Cubic, round, and rectangular

Special Applications

  • Contrast (color mark) detection
  • Full color detection
  • Pin-point LED
  • UV-Luminescence
  • Distance (analog)
  • Laser
  • Self-contained Thru-Beam
  • Distance with IO-Link
  • Line sensors
  • Transparent detection

Customized Shapes –

Tubular, Block, Slot, Angle, Machine Vision, Light Grids, Window, Fiber Optic and Fiber Optic Amplifier

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