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Machine Control

Field Bus Systems

Labor and material reduction with increase in operator feedback

Field Bus Systems

From the control panel and control cabinet through to tough deployment in the field, we offer a variety of I/O System solutions. Options for modular or compact systems are available. Sturdy, fully encapsulated MVK fieldbus modules in metal housings are ideal for applications in tough environments. Cube67 is a decentralized, controller-independent bus system that distributes from the bus coupler directly to the I/O level of a machine.

Field Active Bus Systems

Cube67 – Cube20

  • Modular I/O system
  • Combines IP20 & IP67 protection
  • Freely programmable (digital channels only)
  • Simplified, cost-effective, faster commissioning, minimized downtimes
  • Bus nodes, interfaces, digital inputs/outputs, safe outputs, function modules, analog inputs/outputs, terminal modules, & connection accessories


  • Compact I/O Modules
  • Replaces complex wired terminal boxes and saves space
  • For harsh environments – tough, vibration-proof, long-term, fluid tight, and safe
  • PROFINET IO, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, Interbus, EtherNet-IP, EtherCAT & accessories

Actuator Sensor Interface (MASI)

  • Low-cost solution
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Continuity between modules allows systems to be expanded quickly
  • MAS100/20, MASI165, MAS168, & system components/accessories

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Murrelektronik is your system partner: From the control cabinet via the interface active or passive into the field. We have a widely diversified product range, and can supply you with well thought-out solutions that are made to fit your applications in the field of industrial automation - from a single source.

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