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Light Curtains

Light Curtains

Detection of operator in potentially harmful applications

Light Curtains

One of the many applications for light curtains is related to safety. Opto-electronic barriers keep personnel safe from harm and your machinery from getting damaged accidentally. They are also used in measuring objects and scanning barcodes. These devices are offered in numerous resolutions and amplitudes.

Opto-Electronic Sensors

  • Cubic Series / Standard Sensors
  • Cylindrical Sensors, Mini Sensors, Fiber Optic Amplifiers
  • Measuring Sensors
  • Special Sensors
  • Measuring Light Curtains
  • Forked Sensors, Accessories
  • Double Sheet Monitoring, Splice Detection

Identification Systems

  • Barcode Readers
  • Modular Interfacing Units
  • Industrial Image Processing Systems
  • Optical Data Transmission Systems
  • Optical Distance Measurement/Positioning
  • Hand-Held Readers

Safety Sensors

  • Safety Laser Scanners
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Transceiver and Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices
  • Single Light Beam Safety Devices
  • AS-i Safety Product Range
  • Safety Sensor Technology for PROFIBUS DP
  • Safety Switches and Safety Locking Devices
  • Safety Relays and Safety Interfaces
  • Sensor Accessories and Signal Devices
  • Machine Safety Services

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