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Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive Sensors

Detection of nearly limitless targets in a variety of package sizes

Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive sensors are a reliable and flexible solution for detecting liquid levels, temperatures, level monitoring of harsh chemicals and unseen elements, conductive and non-conductive materials, package contents, and product thickness.

PTFE Coated Capacitive Sensors

  • Very resistant to severe environments
  • Advantageous in applications where electrostatic discharge or a build-up of powders or granule substances are issues

High Temperature Capacitive Sensors

  • Object detection in temperatures to 480°
  • Suited for applications where sensor’s head is exposed to or comes in contact directly with hot materials

Analog Capacitive Sensors

  • Monitoring and measuring how thick a product is
  • Differentiating between different materials among similar looking objects
  • Identifies surface variations

Adhesive Capacitive Sensors

  • Double-sided adhesive that’s best suited for uneven mounting surfaces, including arc shaped bottles or plastic containers
  • Detects non-metallic materials and levels through glass and plastic walls less than 3mm thick

Stainless Steel Capacitive Sensors

  • Industrial grade technology with strong exterior and PTFE or PBT sensing faces
  • IP 65 rated and suited for temperatures ranging from 14° F - 158° F
  • Reliable 20-turn adjustment potentiometer and status LED

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Omron, founded in 1933, is a global leader in the field of automation and offers a wide range of sensors.

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