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Cabinet Components

Cabinet Components

Multitude of products for all Panel building applications

Cabinet Components

Modular control cabinets are essential to minimize down time and costly replacement. Program controls, refreshing process data, installation of updates, and scanning data can go unimpaired with safe and quick access. Thousands of combinations are available to customize your application.


  • Screw, DIN-rail, or key-hole mounting
  • Ambient temperature ranges from 104F to 140F
  • Multi-voltage options available
  • Many models with power ranges from 25-5000 VA
  • ½, Single, 2 & 3-phase linear and smoothed rectifiers

Switch Mode Power Supplies

  • Varying outputs, currents, inputs, and phases
  • Eco Rail, Eco Power, Picco, MCS-B, MCS, MPS Single, A S-Interface, MCS 3-phase, MPS 3-phase, Evolution 2-/3- phase, and accessories


  • 24 V DC (SELV/PELV)
  • Buffering times vary from 0.2 – 38 s
  • Output max to 2x20 A

Intelligent Power Redistribution

  • Adjustable or prefixed current ranges
  • MICO Basic (8 Channel) and Classic (4 Channel)


  • AC/DC and DC/DC converters in switch mode, regulated, or adjustable
  • Single phase rectifier output ratings from 62W-240W

Control Cabinet Plug Sockets

  • American, French (UTE), German (VDE) standard
  • Other international spring clamp or screw terminals available

EMC Filters

  • Single phase or 3-phase
  • 1 stage or 1-/2-stage

EMC Suppressors

  • Universal suppressors 10W – 200W
  • Major name-brand for contractors
  • Suppressors for motors with 4kW – 45kW ratings
  • Valves Suppressors in form A, B, BI, C, CI

Relays/Safety Relays

  • Relays: Terminal, base socket, relay socket, MIRO 6.2 plug, or plug-in
  • Safety Relays: MIRO SAFE Switch, Hand, Step, Light, T, Switch SSo, Flex, or E


  • Terminal optocoupler, power modules, or pole changing switch
  • Semiconductors: Terminal triac, Triac modules, or Triac modules MIRO

Active Interface Technology

  • AD/DA converters, analog converter, motor protection relays, frequency converter, timer, comparator modules, temperature converter, controlled rectifiers, demagnetizer, switch, or remote and signaling systems

Passive Interface Technology

  • Ribbon cable connection, connector SUB-D, signal transfer / 3-wire connection, or screw plug-in terminals

Eurocard Holders

  • Holders come in SKT or SKP standard, plus accessories
  • Modules for control systems: Potentiometer modules diode modules, assembly modules, or LED displays

Signal Towers

  • Modlight30, Modlight50, or Modlight70
  • Mounting accessories, LED, and connection accessories

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Murrelektronik is your system partner: From the control cabinet via the interface active or passive into the field. We have a widely diversified product range, and can supply you with well thought-out solutions that are made to fit your applications in the field of industrial automation - from a single source.

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Omron, founded in 1933, is a global leader in the field of automation.

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