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Adams Air Adds VISION and ID Lines Through Partnership With Cognex Corporation

by Doug Adams 7. April 2014 09:17

Adams Air & Hydraulics announced today that they are offering additional product lines through a new partnership with Cognex Corporation. This new offering expands Adams’ already diverse line of automation products to include VISION and ID products that increase quality control and product tracking in a variety of manufacturing processes.

Cognex offers the widest range of VISION and ID products available from a single source. Companies throughout the world use Cognex systems to improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs and track parts on their production lines. All Cognex products incorporate innovative technology that has led the world since 1981, and are universally recognized as offering the highest accuracy, reliability, and performance.

"This is a great addition to our product lineup, and we’re excited about introducing Cognex to our customers" said Adams Air Vice President of Sales, Doug Adams. "This new offering advances our capabilities to serve our existing customers with even greater manufacturing solutions, and will afford new customers an easier way to improve quality and better control costs."


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by Doug Adams 23. July 2013 04:06

Suwanee, Georgia, July 23, 2013 – The Modlink MSDD interface system makes it easy to access controls in the cabinet when the time comes for in-plant or machinery diagnostics and servicing. With Modlink the cabinet can remain closed and the components inside can continue to operate with their required level of protection. This helps you maintain compliance with all necessary safety regulations. Simply snap the appropriate GFCI circuit breaker into the frame. Then, if the switch trips, it can be reset without having to open the cabinet.

Murr Modlink

Available in both a single and double frame size with a choice of cover (transparent, silver or fiberglass reinforced gray), Modlink MSDD is suitable for applications in a wide variety of environments. The covers come with a choice of locking mechanism, either a 3mm double-bit key or a knob. Both help the cover and frame meet IP65 requirements thus making the insert resistant to dirt, dust and humidity. The newly redesigned cover has a spring mechanism that lifts an open lid 30°. This allows you to see at a glance that it is open and reminds you to close it when finished.

The modular system is based on a two parts: frames and inserts. With over 4000 combinations of frames and inserts, Modlink allows manufacturers to react to country specific requirements without having to rework the size of the housing each time. The cutout dimensions, which have remained the same even though the frame has a new look, are standard across the product line no matter which insert you choose for your application. This makes it easy for both designers and installers to work with Modlink MSDD.

About Murrelektronik, Inc.

Murrelektronik, Inc. is the North American arm of Murrelektronik GmbH, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art technology and made-to-measure solutions for complex automated industrial systems, network protocols and machine connectivity. For more information on the company's products and services, contact Murrelektronik, Inc., 1400 Northbrook Parkway, Suite 300, Suwanee, GA 30024; call 770.497.9292 or visit

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Industrial Automation

Adams Air Announces New Relationship with Major Automation Lines

by Doug Adams 1. July 2013 06:59

Tampa, Florida, June 21st, 2013 – Adams Air & Hydraulics has added two industry leading automation and motion control product lines from Epson and Kollmorgen. These new partnerships will give Adams the ability to present their customers with both high level motion control and robotic automation in addition to their numerous automation accessories.

Epson has long been an innovator of affordable high precision, high speed robots for factory automation and high tech environments. They specialize in small parts assembly applications and has introduced many industry firsts, including PC based controls, compact SCARA robots, and much more.

KollMorgen offers a broad selection of motion solutions such as machine controls, drives, linear positioners, gearheads, servo and stepper motors. For over 60 years, they leveraged global supply chains and low-cost manufacturing to drive cost-effectiveness, continuity, and timeliness.

Adams Air Controls & Automation Engineer Steven Jerome and Vice President of Sales Doug Adams are very excited about adding these robotic and motion control solutions to their existing offering. “Our mission is to strengthen American manufacturing by increasing our customer’s competitiveness in the global marketplace,” Adams said. He added, “These lines will give us the ability to assist both new and existing customers with all aspects of their automation projects to reduce downtime and increase production contributing to additional profitability and throughput.”

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Industrial Automation

Beware of ‘bargain’ repairs. It can be far more costly in the end.

by Doug Adams 21. September 2012 07:03

The lifespan of your equipment depends on many factors - not least of which is how clean the oil is. However, when mechanisms and components start to run at less than optimal capacity or stops working entirely your choices are to purchase new parts or get them repaired. Manufacturers we represent produce products that depend on the quality and precision of their internal parts to run efficiently. They also typically don’t sell replacement parts to 3rd party vendors.

So, you may find yourself in a situation where an outside technician will attempt to replace parts with something similar in design. This will usually spell trouble for you and your equipment. There’s a good chance that these parts will not give you a proper repair and could significantly affect the performance, reliability, and operational life of your machinery.

What does a poorly repaired component mean to you?

  • Liability
    • o Improper performance can be dangerous to plant technicians and operators
  • High costs
    • o If an unauthorized repair facility does not use not certified components, these parts often don’t have proper fit and can cause further damage, increasing repair and/or replacements costs multiple times over
  • Reduced Reliability
    • o Decreased production from avoidable downtime

Parts, Repair, and Field Service Programs

The experts at Adams Air can help you identify the best approach for your repair needs:

  • Customized Support Programs
    • Some manufacturers have these to help meet the needs of all their equipment and the companies that use them based on quantity of units to be repaired and frequency needed. Please contact us regarding the particular product to be repaired and we can discuss options for a customized support program.
  • Field Replaceable Component Parts
    • Certain parts can be easily replaced on-site when components have been provided with technical documentation and service manuals to support your maintenance staff. On-site assistance from Adams’ technicians and engineers is also available.
  • On-Site Field Service
    • Due to safety and quality concerns, performing some part replacements and service will require the manufacturers authorized technicians and engineers. This onsite service ensures a correct repair and full factory warranty.
  • Factory/Adams Repair
    • Depending on the product, refurbishment, repair, or recalibration services are offered by either Adams or the original equipment manufacturer. Please contact us regarding the particular product to be prepared and we can start the repair process the same day.

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What you can do to extend your Hydraulic Component’s Life

by Doug Adams 22. August 2012 11:58

Understanding your ISO Code

ISO Codes are like a ruler that lets you measure how clean your lubrication system and hydraulic fluid is. Cleaner hydraulic fluid and oils equal longer equipment life, such as bearings and other fluid power applications. A large majority of equipment failures have been attributed to contaminated fluid. How clean your fluid is can be measured and assigned a specific ISO code.

Do you know your ISO Code?

This code spells out how the oil cleanliness is calculated and is shown as a value in 3 numbers - 18/16/13 for example. Each number represents a contaminant level code for the different particle sizes – 4m[c], 6m[c], and 14m[c]. The code includes all particles of the specified size and larger. It is important to note that each time a code increases, the quantity range of particles is doubling. The lower the number, the cleaner the oil, and the longer the operating life of your machinery.

ADAMS offers oil analysis and kits!

Companies do not typically test their oil. Surprisingly, oil that’s fresh from the crate is not considered clean enough. 25/22/19 is a nominal ISO code for new oil, which is actually not appropriate for lubrication or hydraulic systems. A better aim for new oil purity is 16/14/11. Without applying the proper filtration system, you could be looking at increased downtime, less reliable equipment, shorter fluid life, reduced safety, more maintenance hours, and increased component replacement and repair expenses. We base our analysis and recommendations by manufacturer guidelines and our extensive experience in the field working with operating systems that use petroleum based fluids. We can help you create a plan to maintain proper fluid cleanliness levels.

Good sampling procedure tips

  • Sample must be representative of the system
  • Sample should be taken during system operation
  • Fluid should be at operating temperature
  • Sampling method must not introduce contamination
  • Only use sampling bottles that are pre-cleaned per ISO3722

How improved oil cleanliness can improve component life

Current ISO Code

Target ISO Code
2x Life

Target ISO Code
3x Life

Target ISO Code
4x Life

Target ISO Code
5x Life


























Adams can help you with minimum investment to perform a huge value. Call us today!

When ‘In-Stock’ Is Not An Option

by Doug Adams 22. June 2012 07:02

Customized assemblies for limitless possibilities

While we offer and support hundreds of standard products, these products simply do not support every challenge. Every company has different needs and sometimes the standard issue component or assembly just doesn’t fit for what you are trying to accomplish. It could be an operational requirement, a space constraint, high cost, or obsolete component or assembly. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Bimba Manufacturing, Hypro Filtration, MAC Valves, PHD, Inc, to bring customized Pneumatic Hydraulic and Electromechanical solutions to you. Instead of browsing endless catalogues and coming up empty, a tailored solution that does exactly what you need it to and how you need it to is now available to you through Adams.

Empower innovation in any industry

Whether it means starting from scratch or simply modifying existing parts, special designs can be deployed that allow for maximum flexibility and consist of heavy duty construction for a long operating life. Modular assemblies provide savings in labor cost, assembly time, and space. Drop-In replacements can offer increased performance, reduced cost, and no need to modify your existing application. Examples of some of the industries that have already benefited from our work include:

Automotive Filling Machine Builders Medical Robotics
Battery Manufacturing Fluid Handling Hardware Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Semiconductor
Carpet Food Material Handling Plastic Injection Electrical
Conveying Laundry Packaging Print Welding

Consult with the experts at Adams

Adams experts will consult with you to help determine the ideal strategy and then see that strategy through to a finished solution. We will work directly with you, in your environment, and assess what will work best. The applications that are possible from our sales engineers are too numerous to list, but our customers are always surprised by what we can accomplish.

Where to get started? Check out some examples of solutions here:

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The CPR Advantage

by Doug Adams 15. May 2012 09:08

Knowledge leading to maximum profitability

CPR stands for Customer Profit Reinforcement®, which is a specialized program run in cooperation with MAC Valves.  The program’s purpose is to maximize customer profitability through an inspection of your components and processes, identifying savings opportunities and recommending streamlining.  This has led to real savings.  Since 2010, the hundreds of companies that have participated in CPR have saved a combined total of over $105 Million.


What is your process really costing you?

Is your supply chain being managed as efficiently as it can be?  Are you using machines that result in an overall reduction in processing times?  Are you purchasing multiple components when you could be purchasing one subassembly?  How much time and labor do you spend troubleshooting your systems?  The goals of the CPR® process are to:

  • Improve Quality 
  • Eliminate Waste
    • Overproduction
    • Waiting
    • Transport
    • Extra Processing
    • Inventory
    • Motion
    • Defects
  • Reduce Time
  • Reduce Total Costs
  • Improve Through Optimization
  • Improve Through Innovation

CPR® helps you get a clear understanding of what extra costs you have

A task force is assembled made up of specialists and engineers.  The size of this group depends on the variety and amount of equipment at the customer site and the how ambitious the customer’s goals are.

  • Phase 1 – Evaluate
  • Phase 2 – Diagnose
  • Phase 3 – Prevent/Treat

Whether it be reducing assembly labor by stacking valves into a manifold, reducing components purchasing by combining parts into one subassembly, or reducing wiring time and costs by using blocks instead of wire termination screw connections, the task force will identify where you can save.  Improved equipment will help reduce ongoing costs.

Adams CPR® team walks you through every step

Adams is the only authorized CPR®.  Companies both small and large have benefited from this program and have seen real profitability.  Each new implementation is graded A, B, or C in order from easiest to hardest so you have a clearer picture of what you can improve, whether it be a simple purchasing habit change or a machinery redesign.    

Contact Us Today to Learn More About How CPR can Help You!

NEW Adams Air Website Launch

by Doug Adams 8. March 2012 10:07

We are very excited to unveil our new website and it’s fully loaded. Our pages now feature more in-depth descriptions of the products we source and the services that Adams Air & Hydraulics offers.

Easy to Access and Easy to Use

Simply mouse-over the Products, Services, and Insight tabs, for a streamlined fly-away navigation window. All of the pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-mechanical, vacuum, controls, and automation products are now easily selectable from this central menu.

In-depth Information

Each product page gives a summary of the wide variety of product we ship, with a direct link to the manufacturer’s website for more details. We are especially excited to showcase all the value-added and custom build services that we offer, including our Customer Profit Reinforcement program.

Know What’s Happening Now

In addition to products and services, news and business trends will also be featured on our new page so you will always be up-to-date on what’s happening in the industry. Furthermore, be sure to keep up with our blog to stay informed as to what’s happening over at Adams.

For over 50 years, we have offered the best products and services in the industry and earned the trust and respect of our customers. Our hope is that the new website will help those customers have access to information and choices they didn’t realize they had with us before.

The state of the economy demands that important and informed decisions are made by business owners every day. We hope to not only help you meet those financial challenges and enable prudent choices, but also to aid in allowing your company to grow.